Birds and birdwatchers on Pampus

Wednesday 10 June 2015
11:00 - 15:00


Fort Island Pampus is very conscientious of her cultural heritage en of her birds. Every year at regular intervals, there is a count of the bird population visiting the island. The results are documented for further research.

As a visitor you can watch the ornithologists at work on one of their Wednesday visits to the island during the season. Swallows are caught and ringed before their winter migration to Africa. A large number of swallows build their nest and raise their young in the corners and cracks in the concrete of the fort. The young of the visiting water birds are also classified and counted. As the bird watchers are counting and inventorying the bird population they will explain to those interested, with much pleasure and enthusiasm, the characteristics and habits of all that flies and sings on Pampus. During the walk around the island they will also explain the importance of the islands plants and flowers.

Dates and Times


June 10th and 14th; July 8th and 22nd; August 5th and 19th; September 2nd and 16th; October 14th and 28th.

The bird watchers are dressed in camouflage and are located behind the Pampus pavilion, they will be active on the island from 11:00 until at least 15:00

Birds and birdwatchers on Pampus