Winterlight (Winterlicht in Dutch) is the restaurant sensation of Pampus. Expect a cozy pavilion where the candles burn and your table is nicely covered. Enjoy surprising seasonal dishes prepared with love and the finest ingredients. And look forward to an evening full of freedom and special experiences, because Winterlight is a culinary adventure on UNESCO World Heritage with a star role for the characterful fort.


Boarding is at 18:00 pm. In Amsterdam-IJburg the ferry is on the outside of the lock. In Muiden you depart from the Herengracht (in front of no. 33) and in Almere from Marina Muiderzand. Be warmly welcomed by the skipper and crew. On board, the bar is open for a refreshing Pampus beer or a good glass of wine. Together with all the other guests you sail to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Pampus. There you meet the Winterlight team and you get an explanation about the possibilities of the evening. You will be complety satisfied and happy back around 11:15 pm.   


The exclusive seasonal restaurant of Pampus is popular. From 1 October you can make a reservation, do not wait too long. It's such a pity to find out there is no place left and you have to wait another year for the next Winterlight. 


Your evening starts on board the MS. Sailboa, a cozy clipper in wintery atmosphere, that takes you over forty minutes on the dark IJmeer to the island of Pampus. Once there, you can enjoy the spectacular winter view over the IJmeer to the skyline of Amsterdam. On the central square of Pampus a campfire burns and we warmly welcome you to Winterlight.


The adventure begins! Descend into the half-hidden historic fortress full of dark corridors, impressive domes and hidden spaces. You will experience the first corridor in the fort. Where exactly is yours to decide. There are atmospheric places spread over various fort rooms where you can sit and enjoy, but you can also choose to use your starter somewhere else in the fortress. Look around where you want. Everything is beautifully illuminated and it's fascinating to see where the troops were stationed in the past.


After your culinary tour through the fort, your table is ready in the charming pavilion, where the wood-burning stove is already burning. Here you can enjoy a beautiful seasonal dish followed by a fantastic dessert. The island chef uses - just as in the past was done on Pampus - products from within the Stelling van Amsterdam: small production, with an eye for quality and as sustainable as possible.


End the evening with a spicy, sustainable espresso and a glass of traditional Dutch digestive liquor (“Schippersbitter”), which translates into sailors bitter, and is locally brewed in Muiden. The campfire burns all night; feel free to explore the island on your own or to find a nice spot near the fire. Enjoy that special island feeling that makes makes you forget to-do lists or the daily humbrum. Enjoy and relax!

An evening of Winterlight costs € 67.50 per person. In addition to the crossing, the culinary tour through the fort, the main course and the dessert there is also included in the package price a contribution that is intended to preserve the historical heritage.


  • Pampus does not take back purchased tickets. You can pass the cards on to someone else or exchange them via Ticketswap. In that case, please let us know the new contact details.
  • If you miss the ferry, you will not receive any money back. Therefore, be on time at the departure point, because the boat won't wait.
  • Do you come as a group, but have you booked separately? Mail us and we will make a nice table for you all.
  • For safety reasons, the boat might not set sail during extreme weather conditions like heavy wind, fog or frost. Your reservations will, in such event, be transferred to another day that suits you. In case of a cancellation, Pampus will give you a notice on the day itself through the e-mail addresses or phone numbers provided to us. In addition we will post the cancellation on our website and social media platforms.
  • Outside and in the fort it can be pretty cold, so wear warm clothes.
  • Stiletto heels are beautiful, but a real disaster in the fort. Choose something comfortable!
  • We serve a fixed menu. Do you prefer to eat vegetarian, vegan or do you have a certain food allergy? No problem if you let us know in time. Preferably a few days in advance, we can offer a suitable alternative. Call or email us. (0294 262326 or



The ferryboat to Winterlight departs from the outside of the lock, not from the harbour itself. There is a footpath through the construction fences to the departure location.


The permanent docking place of ferry the Stern is at the Herengracht, across from house number 33.
Click here for navigation and more parking information.


The boat to Winterlight leaves from the the last dock on the grounds of Almere Marina Muiderzand. You can park for free. Request a parking coin on the boat or at the harbor office to leave the parking area free of charge. There is no public transport available to the harbor.