Month of History: eyeopeners revolt!


Month of History on PampusDid you know that the Month of History is the largest history event in the Netherlands? Together with hundreds of cultural, tourist, literary and media organizations we bring history to the attention of millions of Dutch people. The theme of the Month of History 2018 is Revolt.

Now there has never really been an uprising on Pampus. Although the soldiers occasionally show their dissatisfaction and there are no prison cells on Pampus for nothing. Here the tricky sujets could think about their misbehavior. Often caused by boredom. The soldiers were mobilized for the First World War, but the Netherlands remained neutral and life on Pampus was not exactly exciting for them.

Also today there is no reason for revolt on Pampus. Although … the eyeopeners (that light up objects in different places on the island that you would otherwise easily pass by), they are a bit on their stripes for the Month of History. It is as if they want to make it clear that they too – in addition to the great Pampus Xperience and the fascinating tours – are extremely interesting.

So come to Pampus in October, then you will receive a special Month of History hand-out from us. Search for the ‘rebellious eye-openers’ and look back at what has ever been.